Feeling adventurous? Looking for a place to satisfy your need for risky excitement? Have the desire to plunge in to some FREEZING cold water?

Alberta's beautiful diverse landscape has some great places for cliff jumping. The Canadian Rockies play host to some pristine cliff jumping sites. Whether you are a local Albertan or just visiting, check these places out if you would like to try some EXTREME Alberta cliff jumping!

As with any dangerous activity it is up to you, the adrenaline junkie to ensure your ultimate survival.

I have not personally tested every jumping location listed here, but I am sharing information gathered for those of you looking for some places to get your fix.

Horseshoe Lake - Jasper, Alberta

Horseshoe Lake, alberta cliff jumping, Jasper

The highest cliff jump here is said to be approximately 80 feet, and there are a varying heights available here for you to take a plunge of the edge. Nice spots here to set up and be a spectator if you prefer living vicariously through others!

Horseshoe Lake is located in Jasper National Park. It is a beautiful Horseshoe shaped lake - (surprise!) - found approximately 27 km south of Jasper on Hwy 93 (the Ice fields Parkway).

Seebe Cliffs - Seebe, Alberta

Seebe Cliffs, alberta cliff jumping

Seebe is located adjacent to the Seebe dam on the south side of the Bow River


Keep in mind that cliff jumping can be very dangerous, and is done so at your own risk. This page does not endorse any of the locations mentioned here as being risk free. Conditions and circumstance may change.

Many people get hurt or killed, usually because they don't take the correct precautions.

See this link for some safety advice before you head out for your next (or first!) jumping high!

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